Dr. McWhirter of Philadelphia and Rancho Mirage was introduced to my approach to art by Karen Goodman, an art consultant from Chicago who had seen my work at PGA West. I'll never forget that Dr. McWhirter asked me to stop my presentation after seeing five slides as he said he understood my approach. Obviously he did, as his next statement was to request a stainless steel wall sculpture for their entry corridor. How do I know he understood? There was absolutely no metal pieces in my portfolio at that time. My design solution after examining the space was spurred by the desire to create a "soft" stainless sculpture as all of the surfaces in the assigned area were very "hard".
Taking a piece of 30# Cotton Canvas (manufactured for the hand railing on escalators), I proceeded to create a suitable design then sketched the design. Next part of the problem was to locate a fabricator. Most said it couldn't be done, but, now you see it!