I was contacted by AMC Theatreís design firm to see if I could help them solve a problem with AMCís new theatre destined for Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Disney had requested art for the large open atrium in the theater and this was new for AMC. The theme Disney requested was Tinker Bellís Trail. A lot of research went into discovering a material that would create the sparkle that Tinker Bell would leave as she flew through the space. The time period was the infancy of holographic imagery. I found a firm in Los Angeles that was on the forefront of developing this technology. They agreed to etch both sides of clear Lexan with different holographic images so we could get the most sparkle. Over 500 pieces were individually installed in a sweeping Trail pattern to create this atrium sculpture. Unfortunately the holographic etching along with the movement of the pieces makes it impossible to capture except in person!

A very sophisticated environment for the AMC was needed for this Atlanta upscale Mall. This kinetic sculpture incorporates Hollywood with burst of colors emanating from the custom extruded acrylic tubes that have been filled with custom designed holographic film. As these pieces move with the air currents the color burst up and down the tubes, much like the aurora beaurialis, except this one is in Atlanta!