This project was completed in collaboration with Interior Designer Renee Kubiak and artist Stacey Dukes. The given theme for the show house was "Neo-Renaissance". Michelangelo is the supreme Renaissance artist. His sculpture entitled Bacchus with a satyr eating grapes became our inspiration. This set the right design tone for the space. A replica of the space was built in studio. Then the walls covered with a foam product that is manufactured for surf boards. The elements of the face and grapes were carved and the faux support between the windows was created along with irregular shaping around the windows. The custom floor tile and side wall was interrupted with a custom mosaic as if discovered in an onsite archeological dig. Custom marble sink with hand carved grapes and a custom copper skirt to hide the plumbing were created. The room was entitled "Pilar's Powder".

Bacchus, Michelangelo 1496-98