Charles and His Family
If what we do confirms who we are, then Charles Gray has established himself as one whose desire is "not to imitate but to create" confirming, replicating and honoring the Creator.

He has not sought gallery nor museum endorsements, but only his clients' endorsements. As an intrinsically motivated artist, who flourishes within the specific parameters of each distinctive project, his portfolio of over four hundred commissioned works testifies to that impetus. The longevity of his works speaks to their viability. Twenty five years later his interpretation of Tinker Bell's Trail at Walt Disney World still awes viewers, but other works continue to enhance their original environment years after completion.

Art should be an immediate and beautiful encounter. Charles believes each step of the process should be a unique experience for the project team: client, designer, architect, artists and craftsmen. Especially when corporate, the objective should be an interactive experience that facilitates brand internationalization. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." John Keats
Contacting Charles Gray