July 4th in Newport Beach presented a great afternoon for a pot Luck Party. The invitees, whose invitations had been mailed on torn paper lunch bags, were asked to bring their favorite picnic dish, along with the recipe to share, to my art studio on production place in Newport. When entering they were asked to set their dish and recipe aside and take a 10” Italian flower pot and write their names along with
anything else they wished on the pot using a permanent marker. Then they were asked to cast the pot a giant saguaro cactus was projected, breaking their name and the pot into shards. Later, the shards were drip painted in bright colors
then affixed to a metal armature producing the saguaro cactus sculpture. it was named “Terra Fummae” (burning earth) as the epoxy which was used to affix the shards would crystallize and smoke before many shards could be attached!